pool fence

Temporary Pool Fencing

Our temporary pool fencing is adaptable and can be used for constructing or renovating a swimming pool or other industry applications where there is a water safety issue including segregation on construction sites , securing cooling ponds in mining , resources oil and gas industries , agricultural industry levies

Rod Top Fencing

The rod top tubular fence is popular for schools, swimming pools and low security areas because of the aesthetically pleasing and simple design

Pool Fencing

  • Available both in Aluminium and Galvanized Steel.
  • The steel one is welded with non rust silicon bronze welding wire and aluminum made from 6063 T6 aluminum.

Loop Top Fencing

Perfect for a wide variety of applications, loop top fencing and gates provides a versatile and durable demarcation and access solution. The loop top fencing has a pale through rail construction with no visible joins is immensely strong and because it's tubular and lighter than traditional solid steel, requires fewer support posts making installation faster and less costly

Glass Fencing

Glass fences feature tempered glass and high quality fasteners or frames to create an extremely attractive, long-lasting, and highly durable barrier. All glass fencing products are sold in a high quality toughened glass to reduce the chances of injuries and are fixed with stylish glazed aluminium posts and bottom track.