HDPE Geocell

Booming Geocell is a three-dimensional cellular confinement system manufactured from textured and perforated high-density polyethylene(HDPE) strips that are ultrasonically welded together to create a strong, lightweight expandable panel.

pitch of weld(mm) cell heights sean weld strength
330mm 50mm 700N
330mm 75mm 1000N
330mm 100mm 1400N
330mm 150mm 2100N
330mm 200mm 2800N
356mm 50mm 700N
356mm 75mm 1000N
356mm 100mm 1400N
356mm 150mm 2100N
356mm 200mm 2800N
  • color could be yellow,green,black
  • fittings like polymetric tendon, anchor pin, plastic bolt and nut are available
  • other sizes can be customized.