Tree rings

A ring is made up of either two, three, four or five 1 meter pieces which have been pre-curved to make installation quick and simple. The robust teeth of the rings ensure that, once in the ground, the ring is well secured.

size(mm) pieces diameter
160x1000mmx1.6mm 2 600mm
160x1000mmx1.6mm 3 900mm
160x1000mmx1.6mm 4 1200mm
160x1000mmx1.6mm 5 1500mm
210x1000mmx1.6mm 2 600mm
210x1000mmx1.6mm 3 900mm
210x1000mmx1.6mm 4 1200mm
210x1000mmx1.6mm 5 1500mm
  • Material could be cor-ten(weathering),galvanized(non-painted),galvanized/aluminum( black, brown,grey,green…)
  • Bolt and nut are available.
  • Other style and sizes can be customized.